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March 8, 2018
The Asia Group Launches Asia-Focused Podcast, Tea Leaves

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 8, 2018) – The Asia Group announced today the launch of Tea Leaves, a new podcast that will focus on the current affairs, foreign policy, business, and arts of Asia. The podcasts’ hosts, Dr. Kurt M. Campbell and Ambassador Richard Verma, will lead a series of revealing interviews with policymakers, business leaders, journalists, and artists exploring the most dynamic and consequential region in the world.

In a joint statement, Campbell and Verma said, “We wanted to share our passion for Asia with listeners, both accomplished Asia hands and those with a budding interest in the dynamic region. Our aim is to provide listeners with a greater understanding of the individuals who focus on and live in the region, and how Asia affects our world.”

The hosts bring significant experience and expertise to the podcast. Campbell is CEO and Chairman of The Asia Group, and served as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian & Pacific Affairs from 2009 to 2013. Richard Verma is Vice Chairman and Partner at The Asia Group, and served as the United States Ambassador to India from 2015 to 2017.

The first episode of Tea Leaves is now live on major podcast platforms, including iTunes, Stitcher, and Overcast. Subsequent episodes will be animated by conversations with the movers, doers, and thinkers who are driving today’s Indo-Pacific. “We hope that you will subscribe and give our first episode a listen,” said Campbell and Verma.

The link to the podcast is available here:

The Asia Group Presents: The Tea Leaves Podcast