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July 7, 2017
Restarting Six-Party Talks is the Best Way to Fix North Korea

Financial Times

The pervasive sense of crisis that engulfs the Korean peninsula defies immediate solutions. It is increasingly apparent that the much-hyped “plan” that President Donald Trump tweeted for solving the North Korean conundrum either does not exist or is too difficult to realise.

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June 28, 2017
TAG Chair Dr. Kurt M. Campbell on North Korea


Korea is the land of lousy options and the Trump team has lurched from one preferred course of action to another. First there were threats of military action, followed by hints of financial sanctions against Chinese and North Korean entities, and then more recently, (misplaced) hope by the President himself that China would step in and solve the North Korea problem for Washington.

The early confidence of the Trump team has gradually receded as it becomes clear the complex and unyielding dynamic of the Korean peninsula is impervious to quick and easy fixes. Nothing could have made this point more poignantly than the tragic return and subsequent death of Otto Warmbier, the U.S. student wrongly imprisoned and mistreated by North Korean authorities.

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Our elite team of in-country Senior Advisors share their take on the latest developments in the dynamic Indo-Pacific region.

In terms of Japan’s national security, how to face and engage China is the most important strategic problem for Tokyo. China has changed its course, and President Xi seems to be turning away from the West.

Nobukatsu Kanehara

December 23, 2020
TAG Senior Advisor; Former Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary, Government of Japan
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