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John’s Visit to CARE Vietnam and Build a School in Burma
October 2, 2017

In August 2016, TAG Associate John Lichtefeld traveled to Vietnam and Myanmar to visit our partners at CARE Vietnam and Build a School in Burma.

In Hanoi, John met with the fantastic team from CARE at their headquarters and discussed the impressive work the organization has done throughout Vietnam, especially with respect to women’s empowerment and climate change adaptation. After meeting with the wider CARE team, John was introduced to the women supported by the New Me! Program, which is sponsored by TAG. These inspirational women have worked hard to transform their lives, with assistance from CARE, and have become proud business-owners through the New Me! program. The New Me! program teaches migrant waste workers in Hanoi business, accounting, and entrepreneurial skills.

In Myanmar, John met with Build a School in Burma representative Naing Naing Lin and traveled to the country’s rural Irrawaddy Division to visit a primary school built with support from the TAG Foundation. John also brought stationary and art supplies for the school’s children, which the kids loved. Later, upon returning to Yangon, Naing Naing brought John to the program’s kindergarten, just north of the city. John ate lunch with the teachers and children, and discussed how education could be improved to ensure that all Burmese children received a broad and meaningful education.

The TAG Foundation looks forward to continuing to support youth education and women’s empowerment programs, such as CARE and Build a School in Burma, from the Himalayas through the Mekong to the Potomac.

John poses with students at one of Build a School in Burma's primary schools in August 2016.