Press Release: The Asia Group Serves as Key Strategic and Sales Advisor to Groundbreaking Collaboration Agreement to Bring MRNA Vaccine Technology to Vietnam

August 2, 2021


HANOI, Vietnam; WASHINGTON DC, United States, August 2, 2021 – The Asia Group, LLC (“TAG”), a leading Washington-based strategic advisory firm supporting global businesses and investors across the Indo-Pacific, is proud to announce its efforts as principal strategic and sales advisor to a groundbreaking collaboration and licensed production agreement between Arcturus Therapeutics Holdings Inc. (ARCT) and Vinbiocare Biotechnology Joint Stock Company, a member of Vingroup Joint Stock Company, one of Vietnam’s largest companies for Arcturus’ mRNA vaccine against COVID-19.

As the primary strategic advisor to the agreement, TAG CEO and Co-Founder, Nirav Patel, and Vietnam Country Director Hung Nguyen have once again demonstrated the firm’s unique capabilities and commitment to supporting its clients’ growth in Vietnam and throughout the Indo-Pacific.

Discussing this landmark agreement, Patel noted that “TAG is excited to support our client’s strategic and commercial interests in one of the most dynamic markets in the world and in doing so providing the people of Vietnam with cutting edge vaccines to address the COVID-19 pandemic.”

On working with TAG, Arcturus’ Senior Vice President for Business Development, Kevin Skol said: “We’ve relied on TAG’s strategic guidance and networks as we have explored significant market entry opportunities throughout the Asia-Pacific, they have proven to be a trusted counselor.”

From Vingroup Vice Chair Le Thi Thu Thuy: “The Asia Group team led by Nirav Patel and Hung Nguyen has proven instrumental in supporting critical commercial investments of the technology necessary to support the people of Vietnam and enabling Vingroup and Arcturus’ strategic and commercial partnership. We look forward to continuing to work with the TAG team as we look for new opportunities to expand our business.”

The Asia Group is the premier strategic advisory firm to the world’s leading companies seeking to excel across the Indo-Pacific. With a team of dynamic and experienced professionals – from consultants and former senior government officials to lawyers and investment bankers – The Asia Group supports companies with end-to-end integrated strategies for market entry and expansion, identification of strategic partners, and structuring of M&A efforts, private placements, financing needs, and joint ventures.

Arcturus is a U.S.-based leader in cutting-edge vaccine and medicine development. Its potential single shot mRNA vaccine ARCT-021 is undergoing phase 2 clinical trials in the United States and Singapore, and promising clinical data demonstrates a favorable safety profile and both humoral and cellular immunogenicity against COVID-19. As part of this agreement, Arcturus will work with the Government of Vietnam to develop a phase 3 trial to further demonstrate ARCT-021’s safety profile and efficacy for the Vietnam market.

Vingroup is the largest private enterprise in Vietnam, with a market capitalization exceeding USD 21 billion and USD 4.7 billion in annual sales. Founded in 1993, Vingroup’s operations include a diversified portfolio of investments in real estate, retail, automotive manufacturing, and scientific research. With the mission “To Create a Better Life for the Vietnamese People,” Vingroup’s products and services are known for their quality and adherence to international standards.

Contact: Price Floyd