Defense & Aerospace

Mike Green

Dr. Michael Green

Michael Jonathan Green works closely with The Asia Group to assess and analyze Japan’s political landscape, as well as the defense, technology, and commercial aviation sectors. Dr. Green is Chief Executive Officer at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. Previously, he was Senior Vice President for Asia, Japan Chair, and Henry […]

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David Hathaway

David Hathaway

David Hathaway is a Principal for China at The Asia Group, where he is a key leader for the firm in helping clients handle the complex challenges and opportunities of the China market. He works with clients to navigate the commercial, political, and regulatory landscape in China, and adapt strategies to emerging geopolitical changes. David

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Chris Johnstone

Christopher B. Johnstone

Christopher B. Johnstone is a senior advisor at The Asia Group. Concurrently, Chris serves as senior adviser and Japan Chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Chris served in government for 25 years in a variety of senior positions with a focus on U.S. policy toward Japan and the Indo-Pacific. He served

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Nobukatsu Kanehara

Nobukatsu Kanehara

Nobukatsu Kanehara is a Senior Advisor to The Asia Group, based in Japan. Mr. Kanehara draws on substantial experience serving at the highest levels in the Government of Japan, where he was recognized as a leading diplomat and strategic voice on international affairs. Mr. Kanehara offers nuanced insights into Japanese national security priorities, as well

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Ted Kresge

Gen. Ted Kresge (Ret.)

Lieutenant General Stanley T. Kresge, USAF, Ret., is a Senior Advisor at The Asia Group. General Kresge entered the Air Force in 1980 as a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy. He is a career fighter pilot with over 4,000 hours, primarily in the F-15C/D/E. He commanded two squadrons, an operations group, two wings,

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Nirut Kunnawat

Nirut Kunnawat

Nirut Kunnawat is a Country Director for The Asia Group in Thailand. He has extensive experience working in both in the senior ranks of government and in the private sector. Nirut most notably served as Deputy Secretary-General to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra in a role in which he was responsible for advising on critical topics

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Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee is a Vice President at The Asia Group, focusing primarily on the Korean Peninsula, Singapore, and the broader Northeast Asia region. A trained economist, Jennifer analyzes commercial and sectoral developments and helps clients navigate the increasingly complex political, policy, and business environment in these economies. Jennifer is also heavily involved in advancing the

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Evan Medeiros

Dr. Evan Medeiros

Dr. Evan S. Medeiros is a Senior Advisor at The Asia Group, where he draws on his years of experience as a leading specialist in East Asian affairs. A world-renowned thinker and strategist on U.S. Asia policy, he commands in-depth expertise on the U.S.-China relationship and regional politics more broadly. As Senior Advisor, Dr. Medeiros’

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Trey Meeks

Colonel (Ret.) Trey Meeks

Colonel Trey Meeks (U.S. Air Force Retired) is Managing Principal at The Asia Group. Trey has a proven track record enabling aerospace and defense clients to capture billions in successful campaigns, mediate delicate international settlements, establish strategically salient relationships, upgrade regional brand profiles and achieve business expansion objectives in numerous Asian markets by designing and

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Rintaro Nishimura

Rintaro Nishimura

Rintaro is an Associate in The Asia Group’s Japan practice, where he researches and analyzes domestic political shifts, foreign and defense policy, economic and energy security, and technology policy developments. Prior to joining The Asia Group, Rintaro interned at the Council on Foreign Relations, where he focused on Japan’s domestic and foreign policy, ranging from

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