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Hung Nguyen

Vietnam Country Director

Hung Nguyen is the Vietnam Country Director at The Asia Group, where he supports clients active in the tourism, financial services, automobiles, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and energy sectors in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. In this capacity, he provides strategic insights into key drivers of political and economic policies, develops strategies for market entry and expansion, and delivers stakeholder engagement support.

Prior to joining The Asia Group, Hung served as the Senior Economic-Political-Military Analyst for the U.S. Department of State at the U.S Embassy in Hanoi. Starting his service alongside the reopening of U.S-Vietnam diplomatic relations in 1995, he advised successive U.S. ambassadors and their Embassy teams on high-level political developments, economic policy trends, regional security and defense complications, and crisis management issues in Vietnam and throughout the region. Additionally, Hung developed solutions for major U.S. companies facing regulatory challenges and other difficulties in Vietnam. During his career with the U.S Embassy in Hanoi, Hung coordinated State Visits to Vietnam by Presidents Bush, Clinton, and Obama. In recognition of his critical role in coordinating these historical visits, he was honored with multiple high performance awards.

Before joining the U.S. Embassy, Hung served as the Government Affairs Coordinator for the Vietnam-United Kingdom Boat People Repatriation Program at the British Embassy in Hanoi. In this capacity, Hung liaised with the Vietnamese Government, coordinated and monitored cases involving repatriation of Vietnamese boat people from Hongkong. In a previous job, Hung worked as the Assistant to the Director General for the Vietnam-Australia Minerals Mining Joint Venture (AUSTINH).

Hung started his career as a lecturer at Hanoi University, where he also earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Foreign Languages, graduating with distinction. Hung also holds an M.B.A. from La Trobe University in Australia. Hung is a native speaker of Vietnamese and English, with extensive experience interpreting for official state engagements. He is a State Department certified interpreter.