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March 5, 2019
The Asia Group Launches New "Asia Power Trends" Report

March 5, 2019 (WASHINGTON, DC) – The Asia Group (TAG) is pleased to announce the launch today of its Asia Power Trends report. The report outlines ten key trends the firm predicts will have an outsized impact on the political, commercial, and economic landscape of the Indo-Pacific region. Asia Power Trends is a must-read for investors, corporate executives, and leaders operating in the region as they seek to seize growth opportunities and guard against policy and market risk. The report is based on the collective experience of the firm’s leadership that spans decades at the highest levels of government, finance, law, business, and academia.

“Since our firm’s founding in 2013, we have maintained that Asia is the most strategically significant region in the world with enormous economic and political relevance for the United States. Investors and companies must not only deepen their understanding of the complex economic, political, and geostrategic forces shaping Asia’s commercial landscape but must also resource and invest in business strategies that recognize the interconnectedness of commerce and public policy in Asia,” said Dr. Kurt Campbell, TAG’s Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder.

The ten trends featured in the report cover an array of issues – from increased uncertainty in Asia about the role of America to the impact that ongoing trade tension will have on regional supply chains. The report also provides country-specific breakdowns on the economic and strategic vulnerabilities likely to test governments in the near future.

“Asian markets are ripe with opportunities for strategic investment and growth. Asia Power Trends identifies the key policy indicators that will shape the landscape for investors, corporations, and market makers,” said Nirav Patel, TAG’s President and Co-Founder.

The report provides a deep dive into the relationship between the United States and China. “We should be clear-eyed that the U.S.-China relationship has entered a new normal. Even if President Trump and President Xi reach a deal on the ongoing tariff conflict, a number of other factors remain that will encourage persisting conflict, requiring U.S. businesses to reexamine their approach China,” noted Sharon Yuan, TAG’s Managing Partner and General Counsel.

TAG’s analysis reflects on developments affecting the entirety of the Indo-Pacific, including India. “South Asia is becoming an increasingly vital center for economic activity and innovation, adding to an already dynamic growth story across the Indo-Pacific. And from a strategic perspective, no country may play a bigger role in shaping the free and open nature of the region than India. 2019 could be India’s break-out year. We will be closely watching this story unfold,” said Ambassador Rich Verma, TAG’s Vice Chairman.

Asia Power Trends prioritizes a forward-looking approach in its analysis. “For each trend we identify, we highlight for readers key factors to monitor in the near and long term. Our report looks to the future, focusing attention on the tectonic plates moving Asian countries’ economic, technology, and national-security strategies,” said Dr. Siddharth Mohandas, TAG’s Director of Research.

The Asia Group, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a leading strategic and business consultancy to the world’s most impactful and innovative companies operating across Asia. TAG has cultivated unique networks and expertise at the highest levels of government and business across Asia and conducts global engagements across a wide range of industries.

For media enquiries related to the Asia Power Trends report and interviews with The Asia Group experts, please contact Jonathan Jeffrey at or +1.202.816.2001.

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