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April 22, 2021
Introducing Tea Leaves 2.0: A Conversation with Rexon Ryu and Shery Ahn

Tea Leaves welcomes our listeners back with two new co-hosts: Rexon Ryu, Managing Partner at The Asia Group, and Shery Ahn, an anchor at Bloomberg Television’s “Daybreak Asia” and “Daybreak Australia.” In this latest iteration of the Tea Leaves Podcast, Rexon and Shery share their personal stories and discuss how their Asian heritage influenced their perspectives and chosen careers in government, journalism, and the private sector. The two also dive into the emerging influence of China throughout the pandemic and how recent events, such as the global semiconductor shortage and China’s post-pandemic economic recovery, are shining the spotlight on key markets and sectors across the Indo-Pacific.

The Asia Group Presents: The Tea Leaves Podcast