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TAG Partner and India Practice Chair Ashok Malik Comments on Modi’s Election
Wall Street Journal |

“The next five years will make or break India’s manufacturing ambitions,” said Ashok Malik, a partner at the business advisory firm The Asia Group and former foreign-policy adviser with the Modi government. “That will define his...

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TAG Partner and India Practice Ashok Malik Writes About How Different a Modi-led NDA Government Will Be From a Modi-led BJP Government
Economic Times |
Every election and mandate throw up a unique message from the electorate. Arguments for or against are enticing, but ultimately pointless. The people are always right, and their collective wisdom is absolute, as it must always...
China Outlook: Evan Medeiros on the China’s Complex, Competitive with the U.S. and EU

In this episode of Tea Leaves, TAG President Rexon Ryu and Dr. Evan Medeiros explore the expanding scope of US-China and EU-China competition in the spheres of security, economics, technology, and governance. They discuss recent bilateral...

Electrifying India’s EV Ecosystem: Policy Recommendations

The Asia Group and Koan Advisory offer a set of targeted policy recommendations to help accelerate the growth of India’s burgeoning EV industry. The report is based on extensive consultations with private-sector stakeholders across the EV...

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TAG Senior Advisor Mark Linscott’s Opinion Piece on India-US trade and the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)
The Hindu |

In the pantheon of obscure international trade terminology, the “generalised system of preferences,” or GSP, has a special place. GSP refers to an approach that has been adopted by nearly all developed countries for roughly the...

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TAG Country Head Han Lin Joins a BBC Panel on China and the World

Han Lin, joins an hour-long panel on BBC World Service- Business Matters to discuss, from a China perspective, a range of issues from the geopolitical and economic to the casual.

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TAG Managing Director George Chen Comments on Issues Related to Social Media Censorship in Hong Kong
South China Morning Post |

George Chen, co-chair of digital practice at Washington-based consultancy The Asia Group, said the government needed to minimise the so-called chilling effect in enforcing the order, otherwise outsiders might form the perception the city was increasingly...

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TAG Managing Partner Kurt Tong Quoted After Speeches at Hong Kong’s First Geopolitical Summit
The Straits Times |

For former top US diplomat in Hong Kong Kurt Tong, that (to improve U.S.-China relations) included top-level meetings between the two powers’ presidents, greater cooperation in joint projects with a common goal – such as the...

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TAG Managing Director Comments on YouTube Geoblocking Hong Kong Content
Reuters |

“It is not a desirable situation from the perspective of free internet and free speech,” said George Chen, co-chair of digital practice at the Asia Group, a Washington DC-based business policy consultancy. He is also former...

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TAG Managing Partner Kurt Tong Discusses U.S. Tariffs on China, Taiwan Inauguration, and Hong Kong Issues

Amb. Kurt Tong, Managing Partner at The Asia Group, joined CNBC’s Emily Chan Tan for a wide-ranging discussion on key policy matters including new U.S. tariffs on China, the Taiwan inauguration, and Hong Kong issues.

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TAG Vice President Gopal Nadadur and Sam Ide Share a Piece on India’s Potential To Be a Resilient Hub for Diversified Pharmaceutical Supply Chains
Nikkei |

As the BIOSECURE Act draft legislation winds its way through Congress, multinational pharmaceutical companies are re-examining their global R&D footprints and manufacturing supply chains. TAG VPs Gopal Nadadur and Sam Ide explain today in their Nikkei...

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TAG’s India Practice Participates at the Jakarta Futures Forum
TAG’s India practice helped organize the first-ever Jakarta Futures Forum (JFF) from May 2-3, together with ORF India and the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI)....
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