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Episode Description

In this episode, Kurt and Rich meet with leading Japan scholar, author, and former NSC Senior Director for Asia Michael Green to discuss his career path, the United States’ long history of engagement with Asia, developments around North Korea, and how the U.S. should be thinking about its grand strategy. His latest book, By More Than Providence, explores the development of U.S. strategy in Asia from its inception, granting insights into how the future of U.S. engagement will shape the region.  Michael’s experience living and working both in Japan and the United States, and both inside and outside government, give him a unique understanding of how the United States is perceived and projects its power in Asia. Using his unique background, not to mention his talent on the bagpipes and in Iaido, Michael explains how America’s role in Asia predates World War II, why that is important, and what it means for American foreign policy in the future.  Note for the listeners: this episode was recorded prior to the announcement that President Trump and Kim Jung-un may meet in early May.

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