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The Asia Group Launches TAG+, Featuring a New Approach to Elections Analysis, Powered by AI and Human Intelligence

Washington, DC I January 4, 2024 – The Asia Group (TAG) is excited to launch TAG+, a new technology platform powered by AI and human intelligence. Drawing on over a decade of proprietary data, TAG+ harnesses the power of transformative technologies to deliver cutting-edge analysis at the intersection of public policy and corporate strategy.

“With geopolitics becoming a fixture of C-suite and board-level discussions, companies are having to make decisions in real time across a range of complex policy developments and challenges,” said TAG CEO and Co-founder Nirav Patel. “TAG+ represents a new business advisory model that enables companies to make timely, data-driven decisions, augmented by TAG’s world-class team of strategists, technical experts, and advisors, to not only mitigate risks but unlock new opportunities.”

TAG+ launches today with its first service offering, Elections24. This year, over two billion people around the world will be eligible to vote in historic elections, including in key Indo-Pacific markets. Among these, the outcomes of elections in Taiwan, Indonesia, India, and the United States have the potential to reshape their respective domestic policy environments and geopolitics at an unprecedented scale. Elections24 is powered by unique datasets compiled and vetted by TAG experts, ensuring high-quality output that differentiates this service offering. This approach – combining the power of technology with collective decades of TAG’s expertise – will enable TAG to deliver data-driven insights on how leading candidates will approach critical policy issues across trade and investment; economic and industrial policies; foreign policy; and defense and national security.

“Every election cycle brings with it a tremendous amount of information that makes it difficult to discern fact from fiction,” said TAG Director of Research Valerie Rozman. “Elections24 is a differentiated offering that leverages the tremendous data TAG has compiled over the years to produce data-driven analysis on how election outcomes will shape business risks and opportunities for our clients.”

Elections24 is the first of several upcoming TAG+ initiatives, to be announced throughout the year. To learn more about TAG+ and stay up to date on developments, please visit

The Asia Group is the premier partner to the world’s leading companies seeking to excel across the Indo-Pacific. With a multi-disciplinary team of dynamic professionals across the region, The Asia Group enables companies to unlock new value and mitigate risk at the intersection of public policy and corporate strategy.

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The Asia Group Launches TAG+, Featuring a New Approach to Elections Analysis, Powered by AI and Human Intelligence

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