Southeast Asia

David Saunders

Dr. David Saunders

David Saunders is an Analyst at The Asia Group’s Southeast Asia Practice, where he conducts research and analysis on markets in maritime Southeast Asia and supports a range of clients. David is an experienced researcher and writer who has published widely on historical and geopolitical issues relating to maritime Southeast Asia, ranging from state formation […]

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Kiki Benjasiriwan

Kiki Benjasiriwan

Kiki Benjasiriwan is an ASEAN Fellow at The Asia Group, where she supports the firm’s Southeast Asia portfolio. Prior to joining The Asia Group, Kiki worked as an intern in government affairs consulting in Washington, DC. Her role involved researching business and political developments to advise clients across various sectors about risks and opportunities in

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Nirut Kunnawat

Nirut Kunnawat

Nirut Kunnawat is a Country Director for The Asia Group in Thailand. He has extensive experience working in both in the senior ranks of government and in the private sector. Nirut most notably served as Deputy Secretary-General to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra in a role in which he was responsible for advising on critical topics

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Mel Kilby

Melanie Kilby

Melanie is an Associate in The Asia Group’s Southeast Asia practice, where she covers a broad range of political and economic topics to assist clients with strategic interests and equities in maritime Southeast Asia. Melanie brings over five years of experience serving in foreign policy and intelligence roles in the Australian government. She has provided advice on

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Quan Nguyen

Quan Nguyen

Quan Nguyen is a Vice President at The Asia Group, where he supports the firm’s Southeast Asia portfolio. Quan brings over nine years of experience in political-economic risk analysis and forecasting to help clients navigate complex regulatory environments and advance business interests. Prior to joining The Asia Group, Quan held various roles at BowerGroupAsia (BGA).

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Hung Nguyen

Hung Nguyen

Hung Nguyen is Principal and Managing Director of Vietnam at The Asia Group, where he supports clients active in the tourism, financial services, automobiles, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and energy sectors in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. In this capacity, he provides strategic insights into key drivers of political and economic policies, develops strategies for market entry and

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Mehu Sitepu 1

Mehu Sitepu

Mehulika Sitepu is a Senior Associate at The Asia Group’s Southeast Asia practice, where she supports clients navigating the region’s complex political and regulatory environments to build business strategies across a variety of sectors, including banking and finance, hospitality, manufacturing, and technology. With almost a decade’s experience as a journalist in Indonesia, including three years

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Phuong To

Phuong To

Phuong To is an Associate at The Asia Group, where she provides support to the Vietnam Country Team in research and client-related requests. In this capacity, Phuong is responsible for helping the Country Team and client stakeholders monitor public policy and business developments on the ground. Previously, Phuong worked for an international nonprofit organization specialized

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Jason Trinh

Jason Trinh

Jason Trinh is an Associate at The Asia Group, where he works for the firm’s Southeast Asia practice in Hanoi, Vietnam. In this capacity, he supports the Vietnam Country Team with on-the-ground client engagement, policy monitoring in mainland Southeast Asia, and relevant research products. Previously, he was an Analyst at the Research & Analytics practice in

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Quynh Vu (1)

Quynh Vu

Quynh Vu is an Associate Vice President at The Asia Group, primarily focusing on Vietnam and the broader Southeast Asia region. Prior to joining The Asia Group, Quynh’s civil service career of more than 14 years was centered on trade promotion among embassies, corporations, and business associations for the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency under the

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